Have your precious family photos faded, been creased, torn, soiled, or otherwise damaged? Photo restoration can bring
them back to life. We know your photos are part of your family history and important to you, so we treat them like they're
our own. We can also colorize black and white images; we can replace distracting backgrounds; we can combine or
blend multiple images; we can remove unwanted portions or isolate desired portions of your photos; and we can retouch,
even glamorize your portraits. We will also work with you if you'd like us to create an artistic treatment or digital painting
transformation of your favorite image.

Digital preservation of your photos, slides or negatives is a DigitalCachet priority. (See "scanning" page)
WHY DigitalCachet? Because when passion and skill work together, you can expect a masterpiece! We DO NOT function
in a mass production, cookie cutter fashion. Digital photo restoration and retouching is an art, and consistent quality
depends upon the skill and vision of the artist. With larger restoration businesses, quality becomes a little "luck of the
draw" depending on which staff artist is assigned to your project. At DigitalCachet,
Greg Kieliszek is always responsible for
quality. He will work with each client and will personally assess each photo to be restored and adjust it to bring out its
best. You can be assured that he will focus on your project with the full understanding that each photo is unique and
important to you and your family.

You can rely on us to pay close attention to what you tell us and to ask questions when needed so we really understand
what you would like us to do. Our experience allows us to manage your project as quickly as possible, which also works
to control the cost to you. And finally, know that the work you request is handled here in our North Carolina studio, by our
dedicated Photo Restoration Artist. We DO NOT outsource any part of our work to China, Indonesia, Costa Rica or any
other out of country location. We know that our success depends upon your satisfaction. You can always rely on our best
efforts because we want you to come back to us and recommend us to others.